About Us

Eighteen years ago, when the railway track in East Pattaya didn't even have a proper road next to the track the family that now owns FED Property bought a piece of land near the railway and planned to build a family home in the future. Well the future is here, and the land is no longer empty. It has become the site of a new village, Villa Asiatic. With the growth Pattaya has experienced this location is now absolutely prime real estate, because of its easy access to North Pattaya and Naklua and a lot of city amenities in the area. The beach is only 1 kilometer away from the location, and motor way access is 3 minutes away. Now instead of building a home, FED Property will build a village.

The concept behind Villa Asiatic is building a modern village that combines French, European Culture and Thai Traditional style together as the new fusion concept: Europe + Asia = Villa Asiatic. This is the first project from Fed Property in East Pattaya. The project has 78 units altogether. The designers and architects have meticulously chosen every detail for its value. The best materials for the best price so owners are 100% satisfied with their new home in Pattaya.

Feb Property is a new company that is full of enthusiasm and inspiration. The diverse team that comes from around the world and shares one thing in common: everybody loves Thailand, and would like to stay in Pattaya just like our buyers in this project. The team has worked together to create mixed culture community of Western and Asian, perfect combination in peaceful atmosphere of East Pattaya, Thailand.

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